Honey against burns

Health care

Honey is well known for its soothing properties in case of throat irritations. Consumed in hot water, or even with a small spoon, it calms the pain almost instantly. Its soothing action against skin burns is less known, but just as effective. To use it on small surfaces and on a light burn, you just have to apply it as a mask and let it rest for about fifteen minutes. You can repeat this operation, at will, if your wound makes you suffer again.


Choosing the right physical activity

Physical activity

Swimming, walking, gymnastics, cycling… Before taking out a membership in a sports club or buying equipment, ask yourself a few questions. Do you like to swim in the summer but would you like to go to the pool in the middle of winter? You don’t feel like going to the gym? Being encouraged by a teacher can be very motivating.



Eat well

By cooking, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating, and it will be a good opportunity to vary your food. Think about your future menus as you shop, and enjoy cooking without being afraid to invent and test new recipes.