After the COVID-19 crisis, many people are suffering from pain and disease. In fact, recent studies are proving that many diseases have appears with all the stress and anxiety. Now, for more than a year now, all the doctors around the world are dealing with all the disease that were forgotten by the crisis. Now, with all that stress and anxiety, many people want to buy some medical stuff for their own use. But, is that possible ? 

For medical purpose only 

In order to answer the question in the title, yes it is possible but in one condition : if you are suffering from a disease that needs a monitoring or tests every day. For example, people who are suffering from diabetes are forced to use some medical stuff. Let’s take another example : if you have an arterial disease, you will have the opportunity, in order to avoid a hospitalization, to get some stuff in order to take care of yourself. For that disease, you will need a Toe systolic blood pressure, and why not a Finger systolic blood pressure. These apparels will help you to monitoring yourself. By the way, it is possible to study these medical products with some formation. These toe pressure and finger pressure will help you to have some information about your systolic pressure index, your ABI, TBI and PAD. As usual, these products are not designed for nonmedical uses, but you can ask for it or buy it on your own, on Systoe, maybe. Toe systolic pressure and Finger systolic pressure are really a good thing to help you with that disease. With these monitors, you will get some information about your blood pressure and that will really help fight your Peripheral arterial disease. Toe pressure and finger pressure are non-sensitive to this product by the way, so you will not be uncomfortable with this. 

You probably understand now. In order to conclude, you can have some medical stuff only if you need them. The monitoring apparels are not buyable, and you won’t be able to buy them. They are strictly reserved to medical purpose. 

So, the thing that you can buy, is the stuff that are medical but which can be bought by everyone. Nowadays, it is really possible for nonmedical peoples to buy some stuff that are medical but designed and created for own use. In that list, you will be able to find some COVID-19 test, for example or blood flow testers and even tensiometer for controlling the tension inside your body and veins. Yes, this list is non-exhaustive and you will be able to find many other medical product that you will be able to buy everywhere. Surely, we advise you to talk about this with your personal doctor or pharmacists. In fact, you will need some advices from professionals because those products, even if they are designed for all of us, they are pretty difficult to use without explanations. To conclude, in all of this, you have to understand that you need help, no matter what.